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Windows 11 continues #Microsoft's long trend of mistreating users. Read why you're better off avoiding it:

Fairphone True Wireless Earbuds deliver superior sound quality and active noise cancelling. More importantly though, they’re designed with fair & recycled materials, a battery that lasts and are weather resistant too. 🙌
Available for pre-order ➡️ :

"Decentralized" systems are susceptible to catastrophic failure if every node runs the same software created by a single entity. Open Source doesn't change this. *Social* decentralization and diverse implementations for a protocol provide better resilience and distributed agency.

I've finally blogged about the dark style preference in GNOME. Took a lot more time to write about it than I expected. :)

The #Fairphone 4 is a challenge to the industry to rethink the modern smartphone: True innovation should be about solving problems, not creating new ones. If you missed our launch announcement, catch the highlights in just 10 minutes 📱🌿 :

Hey Folks!

Just a reminder that I'm available on #XMPP ( #Jabber etc), and in the future, I plan to make it my primary form of #contact outside of standard #email and #Pleroma (the fediverse).

You can catch me here:

If you have any #news, or project #updates you'd like to include in the #PEBKAC #Podcast, please reach out and let me know! I can't research everything on my own, so any help you can provide with relevant information will be most welcome!

Or if you just want to say "Hi", I'd love to hear from you.


I just listened to, a new podcast around mobile Linux, and enjoyed it a lot! There's news and a nice interview of Arnaud, the founder of @mobian.

Give it a listen!

Hey all! I’ve been working hard to get the #Podcast up and running. I think I’m FINALLY at a point where I’m ready to go.

The first episode is already live and ready for you. It’s a little old now, due to setup, but it’s definitely still relevant!

Did you know @awai (the founder of @mobian) plays Guitar, and has album called “Dirty Greed” up on band camp? Neither did I! The sound is hella tight. Links are in the video description and on the Podcast Homepage.

The Podcast #video is available here:

The Podcast #Homepage is:

You can find the #RSS feeds for #MP3; #AAC; #OGG; #FLAC and #Opus are all listed clearly on the main page.

If you just want to skip all the hassle, you can grab the MP3 feed here:

A huge shoutout and thank you, goes out to @awai, for giving me some of his precious time for an interview. Also, @linmob for helping me decide on direction, and giving some sound advice along the way.

I’d really love to hear what you think, and let me know if there’s anything you think I could do to make it better!

Thanks so much!

PS. Please forgive the ping and hashtag stuffing! After this post, I’ll never do it again (unless someone wants me too 😉)

#mobian #linux #pinephone #pine64 #manjaroarm #mobile #foss #librem #librem5 #purism #archarm #ubports

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM @postmarketOS @debian @martijnbraam @craftyguy @bart @dylanvanassche @ollieparanoid @kop316 @purism @danctnix @ubports

Holy crap, you made it this far! Dayum, that was unexpected. Well, if you feel like it, boosts are really appreciated!

With each Fairphone we launched, we’ve raised the bar of our challenge to the electronics industry on both sustainability and human rights. 💙

Take a look at this personal message from #Fairphone CEO, Eva Gouwens:

Some interesting offers for flamewar topics below :) In the last two years we have build an all-Rust modern e-mail stack, with mime/pgp/smtp/imap handling sorted and mostly available as separate crates to build on.


probably gonna start an interesting flamewar here

"email has always provided most of the desirable properties that blockchains claim to provide"


We’re incredibly proud to launch our Fairphone 4 today. 📱🌿
When we became profitable last year, we proved to the industry that there’s a market for ethical & sustainable products. The Fairphone 4 aims to prove that this market is becoming mainstream.

Messing around with pi-hole for the first time. Setting up the docker was as easy as advertised. Figuring out why my laptop didn't want to point at it was something else.

Unfortunately pi-hole does not appear to stop youtube embedded ads, which I really hoped it would. Maybe this is just an out-of-the-box limitation and I need to dig into configuration.

The other strange thing was turning off NoScript and uBlock Origin and testing a new-ish site (wired). I mean sure it removed the stupid walmart ad. But with those add-ons active I didn't have to deal with their side bars and stuff. I do believe I have been properly spoilt by my add-ons generally making pages less busy.

All this is very early; only 300 queries and uptime is still measured in seconds (but really shouldn't all time be refered to in seconds?). Definitely less than 2ksec even.

Working on another blog posts and this time it's about Reddit clients. If you know nay I haven't mentioned please tell me about them!

just completely fucking dumbfounded by this robot amazon announced recently. $999 for this thing. it's just a goddamn alexa on wheels and a shitton of cameras. it can't handle stairs. the advertising has it patrolling your house for intruders (you know like a fucking set of security cameras can already do if you're that paranoid). amazon is not even trying to hide their intentions with this thing. i have never seen something more worthy of a platinum internet of shit medal. jesus christ

We have a new BLE fix!
#InfiniTime 1.6 "Ice Apple" fixes that issues that would crash the BLE connectivity after ~18h of uptime!

Enjoy this patch on your @PINE64 #PineTime!

Let's celebrate with a Pine64 family picture!

If you want an idea, what a small overlay over stock @debian we really are, check out our list of packages in contrast to the ones in Debian....

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